Weedbusters is about working together to reduce the threat of weeds to New Zealand's natural environment. Weeds are one of the greatest threats to the environment but together we can make a difference.

Elephants and Alligators

Usually when we think about ‘pathways’ of weed spread, the things that first come to mind are birds, wind, water and humans.

When it comes to alligator weed, that insidious invader of pasture...

Mangemangeroa Reserve, Howick -

Meet at the gate and stile 200 metres north of the Trig. Best to confirm with Graham Falla before 8.00 a.m. on 276-3092 or 027 4928453, in case of cancellation for whatever reason. Tools to bring ar...

Local Heroes: Lakeview School

Lakeview School has been involved in working at Henley Lake and Wetlands for a number of years. They did their first planting in 2003 and this year have been involved in a weeding programme.