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Regional News Article

Dirty Weekend Winner
Nov 1, 2011
Author: Gerard

We have about 1000sq/m gully which we have removed tradescantia (Wandering Jew) by hand weeding from the whole area, we composted in a pit lined with 200 micro Polyethlene and covered, turns into an amazing compost once completely broken down and I mean completely!! We are now clearing the neighbouring gully areas. We did have Ivy up the trees which we cut at 1metre up trunks of trees and then at base and pasted with Glyphosate herbicide, Jasmine vine we handpulled and pasted larger stumbs, Elephant ear we dug out and disposed, still trying to control Arum lilly as it keeps popping up and neighbours have heaps of it so targeting their places as well! One thing I would say is do small amounts often, rather than big clearing bashes as you just get exhausted and then aren't keen to do again for awhile.