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Regional News Article

Weeds & Wetlands top film topic
Apr 4, 2011

New Zealand is a signatory of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Significance, and 2nd of February 2011 marks 40 years since this was established. To celebrate we’re promoting not just a day of celebration, but a whole year!

In New Zealand the National Wetland Trust are running a 'Target 40' campaign to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Ramsar. The 40 could relate to 40 hectares protected, 40 km of new fencing, 40 wetland events, 40 favourite wetland species, 40 questions, or whatever 40 target local wetlands enthusiasts may like to set for an event.

As part of this Target 40 campaign, The National Wetland Trust is teaming up with Weedbusters to sponsor a special ‘Weeds & Wetlands’ category of the Weedbusters 2-minute Film Challenge.

We’d love to get 20 wetland entries – that’s 40 minutes of creative video on wetlands and weeds, a great way to raise the profile of this important issue.

Visit for more information on Target 40 and wetlands in New Zealand.