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Regional News Article

Weeding Grandfather's Garden
Oct 30, 2008
Author: Liana

We removed 14 black garden sacks full of mignonette (madiera) vine - this involved scraping tubers out of the mud, and getting lots of mud everywhere (but not tubers, they went in the sack!) My partner cut down a jungle of 2.5m high elephant's ear that was growing on my grandfather's and the neighbour's properties, and we piled it into a giant mound, about 2.5m in diameter and 1.5m high - we are hoping it will rot down eventually, otherwise we'll have to find some other way to dispose of it.

We haven't done any native planting yet, we will have to consult with the neighbours and my grandfather as to what kind of plants will work best for them. As we didn't use any herbicide on the mignonette vine, we will have to keep going back and pulling it out as old tubers sprout, so we'll need to plant things which we can weed around!

It was a mission! It felt a bit more like work than like a holiday, but we felt like we were doing good for the community, so it was worth it!