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Regional News Article

Clearing an overgrown garden
Oct 30, 2008
Author: Sharlene - Wellington

We were told by the neighbors that the garden was once beautiful some 20 years ago! Neglected seemed to be an understatement!

We attacked it with hand cutters, hedge trimmers, weedeaters, chainsaw and the list goes on... a machete was the only thing we tried that worked. After much blood, sweat and tears, we had it cleared. It was hard going.

Then, this October weekend just gone, we started in on the wandering Jew!! I can honestly say that there was one bonus - when pulling this nasty weed out, it formed a large tumble weed that had no problem intwining itself together. 3 loads to the tip later and a few near falls with the vine.

Now my garden seems completely bare! Maintaining it will be a nicer challenge!!

Now Im looking at filling it up with some ferns and some punga and anything else that gives it the natural bushy feel.